Pfingstblüte (GER) 2019, out of Peace of Paradise (Sholokov)

Euphorie (GB) 2019, out of Elora (Alkalde)

Lotterbov (IRE) 2019, out of Lutindi (Adlerflug)

No More Bolero (GB) 2019, out of Ninfea (Selkirk)

Ad Astra (GER) 2019, out of Amabelle (Danehill Dancer)

Desposita (GER) 2019, out of Diacada (Cadeaux Genereux)

Sweet Pro (GER) 2019, out of Sworn Pro (Protektor)

Archimedes Face (SWE) 2018, out of Pocahontas Face (Layman)

Aspirant (GER) 2020, out of Aussicht (Haafhd)

Astaire (GER) 2020, out of Amabelle (Danehill Dancer)

Moukoko (FR) 2020, out of Muriel (Fath)

Amazing Grace (GER) 2018, out of Amabelle (Danehill Dancer)

Lambo (GER) 2018, out of Linarda (Rock of Gibraltar)

Milka (GER) 2018, out of Monolite (Monos)

Well Protected (GER) 2018, out of Weichsel (Soldier Hollow)

Sporting (GER) 2018, out of Salonshuffle (Big Shuffle)

Liban (GER) 2018, out of Laeya Star (Royal Dragon)

Powerful Aggie (FR) 2018, out of Papagena Star (Amadeus Wolf)

Powerful Kieran (IRE) 2018, out of Ruby Isabel (Great Palm)

Monteverdi (GER) 2018, out of Ma Coeur (Sholokhov)

„PROTECTIONIST is a horse with an awesome character and a brave heart. I never met a horse like him. He always came back and won again at the very top level. A real champion.”

Eduardo Pedroza

Champion Jockey